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About Us

We are a family bursting with curiosity and wonder, and an endless array of questions from our not so little ones.

We know that raising a family means we need our community and thus Race N Kids was born.

Welcome to our family story.

Meet Julia

Julia has a love for food, board games, and mindless TV. She’ll do almost anything for her loved ones, just as long as it has nothing to do with words of affirmation. Julia is reclaiming her connection to her birth country through food and hopes to one day speak more than just Tagalog cuss words.


Meet Trevor

Trevor is proficient in dad jokes and three languages. He laughs easily and secretly has a better sense of humor than Julia. Trevor’s connection to his homeland tugs at his heart everyday and he wishes to someday live abroad with the family. And/or be State Superintendent.

Meet Alana

Alana is the quintessential first-born child: confident, thoughtful and inquisitive. You will find her either devouring a book or at the very top of a tree. Alana has a big heart and dreams of someday owning a home full of animals, especially hedgehogs.

Meet Maya

Fun fact: Maya was 11 days late but luckily didn’t let her mama labor for too long. This little ball of energy has deep questions about life, religion, and farts. Maya loves everybody, but she will surely fire back at you if you’re being unkind.

Meet Cookie Banana

Cookie Banana is the most chill Kagochi family member. He enjoys backyard weeds and soaking up the sun. But don’t let him fool you. He has run away from home several times and would beat all of us in a game of "hide and seek."

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