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Ep. 19 - Faith journeys and struggles

Growing up Catholic, my faith was both a religious and cultural identity. One of my favorite memories is the food carts that would station themselves out of the church we attended in the Philippines! Catholicism and religious practice were core values in my family.

So what do you do when it's no longer part of your individual core values? When it's embedded into your psyche and identity, how do you just quit a religion?

In this latest episode, fellow "questioning Catholic" Christina and I share our own faith journeys. We dive a bit into our shared experience in a religious club in college, problematic teachings and people, and what we hope for for our children as they develop their own relationships with faith.

As in many things, we have some unlearning to do! In the meantime, take a listen and let us know in the comments about your own faith journeys.


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